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Holidays at WJC

Holidays bring our entire congregation together for worship and celebration. From the solemnity of Kol Nidre to the fun of Pizza in the Hut, we observe with programs and activities for every member of the family.    Rabbi Fruithandler is infusing our holidays with energy and enthusiasm for adults and children of all ages. Check out our calendar for upcoming events and join us. 

High Holy Days coming soon...


Shavuot celebrates both the first fruits of the harvest as well as the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai.  On a visceral level it represents safety and security as we count each night from Passover to Shavuot hoping for a full harvest.  On a spiritual level it represents the climb out of Slavery in Egypt up to the heights of Mount Sinai and the Torah.  Some of the traditions of Shavuot include eating dairy, studying the torah, and decorating our homes and sanctuaries with flowers or live vines.  This year, in our synagogue we will celebrate with study on Sunday the 9th after services and an extra treat after services on the 10th.  If you’d like to dive deeper into the many layered meanings of Shavuot you can read here or email Rabbi Fruithandler.
Shavuot 2109
Saturday, June 8@9:05PM: Erev Shavuot, Evening Service
Sunday, June 9@9:00AM: Shavuot Service followed by Rabbi Fruithandler’s Class: The Three Pillars of Judaism
Monday, June 10@9:00AM: Shavuot and Yizkor Service
Monday, June 10@10:00AM: Family Torah Tots with Pee Wee Pros and Rabbi Fruithandler
Wed, April 8 2020 14 Nisan 5780