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Membership Monday!

01/10/2022 02:00:52 PM


Meet the Spirgel Family - Wendy & Gary
To Our WJC Kehilla,
Wendy and Gary have always been of the belief that giving back to the community, tRead more...

Membership Monday!

01/03/2022 04:01:21 PM


Meet the Storch Family - Ilene & Ian
To Our WJC Kehilla,
In 2002,  I met Ilene Lipp and quickly realized we were soul mates.  Unfortunately Read more...

Membership Monday!

12/13/2021 12:38:51 PM


Meet the Innamorato Family -  Janie & Charlie
To Our WJC Kehilla,
We are the Innamorato Family, Janie, Charlie, Alyssa & Jacob. Charlie has wRead more...

Membership Monday!

12/06/2021 02:28:21 PM


Meet the Lerners - Faith & Leslie
We joined the Woodbury Jewish Center around 1990. We were moving from Brookville to Oyster Bay Cove, and many oRead more...

Membership Monday!

11/29/2021 12:33:20 PM


Meet the Edelheits - Phyllis and David
Phyllis and David Edelheit are founding members of the WJC.  Phyllis & David met in 1973 at the UniversitRead more...

Membership Monday!

11/15/2021 02:10:06 PM


Meet the Multz Family - Michelle and Alan
We are the Multz family. Michelle and Alan are both physicians practicing Radiology and Pulmonary and CRead more...

Membership Monday!

11/08/2021 12:36:22 PM


Meet the Laylievs- Irina and John Layliev

We are so excited to have joined the WJC this past summer. It was so important to us to be part of a cRead more...

Meet the Solomons - Beth & Noah

10/25/2021 11:38:52 AM


We joined WJC in 2015 when we moved to Woodbury from NYC and enrolled our son Ethan in the Early Childhood Program. We were new to town and delighted to find WJC which offered a great nursery school program and introduced our children to the Jewish religion. We found WJC to be a warm and welcoming place and have made wonderful friendships through the community over the years.Read more...
Tue, January 18 2022 16 Shevat 5782