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Torah aliyot (blessings) are usually reserved for close family members. 

Please note, the relationship of this person to your child when completing the form.  All those being honored with an Aliyah must be Jewish.  Please provide the person’s Jewish name as well as the Jewish name of the person’s father.  Please consider providing the Jewish name of the mother as well. 

Your family is given four Torah honors.

  • The last of the four Torah honors must be for the parents of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child. 
  • We limit the number of people who can be “called up” for the same Aliyah to six, to maintain respect and decorum at the Torah.




Throughout the service there are optional English readings that you may use to honor your guests.  We offer prayers that can be read by non-Jewish guests should you choose to grant them this honor.  Please let us know about any special circumstances so we can accommodate your wishes within the practices of our synagogue.
For any questions or requests, please call or email Paul Chaskes: (516)521-9261
We ask that the form below be completed no later than 4 weeks prior to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah date. 

Some helpful guidelines for the service to run smoothly:

• The service begins promptly at 9:00AM.  The Torah service can begin as early as 9:20.  Please make sure the people you wish to honor are aware of this as we cannot hold up the service for latecomers.
• All men must wear a kippah while in the building.  All Jewish women are encouraged to wear a head covering.  All women called to the Torah must wear a head covering. We ask that handbags be left in the pews.
• To maintain the sanctity of our service as well as Shabbat, we ask that cellphones, cameras or any electronics not be used while in the building.
• Honorees for an Aliyah should be properly prepared with familiarity of the blessings they will be asked to chant.  Those with English readings should review them in advance.





Bar/Bat Mitzvah Profile Form - Every Family needs to fill this out. 

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