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Since the time of the first Jew, Abraham, Jewish parents have circumcised their sons.  This mitzvah is considered so important it even takes precedent over shabbat.  In this moment, which can be very emotional, we concretize the link from generation to generation.  It is traditionally held on the 8th day barring any health issues for the baby.  We would love to help you celebrate your brit milah.  

Baby Naming

For over 50 years the American Jewish community has begun celebrating the miraculous birth of our daughters.  These new-ish ceremonies have the opportunity to be tailored to the individual family‚Äôs needs/desires.  They can happen on shabbat or another day, in the synagogue, or at home.  They can be more elaborate affairs or more simple and straightforward.  Please contact our rabbi to discuss the format of the service. 

Aliyah Baby Naming Form

For availably and more information, please contact our Lifecycle Chair Paul Chaskes 

Sat, April 10 2021 28 Nisan 5781