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בָּרוּךְ - Blessed

Connected Meanings: Baruch also shares a root with the words for "knees" and "pool." Together that shows that being blessed both comes with respect like bended knee and blessing wells up like a pool of spiritual possibility

Places You Will See this Word: Baruch is ubiquitis. It starts every blessing. it is found in the morning blessings, throughout the amidah, and surrounding the shema

Deep Meaning: We, of course, hope to feel blessed in life.  It is interesting that we choose to start our most formal prayers by calling God "baruch" or blessed.  On the surface, this word is a projection of our own desires. On a deeper level it is a reminder of the concept of chosenness.  God feels blessed to have us as God's people.  Each time we say this word it is a reminder that God fundamentally loves us.

יְהֹוָה- Adonai

Connected Meanings: Adonai is a stand in which literally means "my lord." The word itself, our rabbis teach us, is not to pronounced.  The name is a verb that simoultaneously means, it "was," "is," and "will be."  Many translate it as "becoming"

Places You Will See this Word: Adonai is everywhere. It is our most special name for God.

Deep Meaning: God appears to Moses in the burning bush.  It is a fire that does not consume the thing it burns.  God is showing us that God exists in a different way then we do.  God is constantly present, fuels life and passion, and is also impossible to grasp firmly.  

מֶֽלֶךְ- King/Sovereign/Ruler 

Connected Meanings: melech is most literally king, but it carries with it malka, queen and in our liturgy it evokes power. 

Places You Will See this Word: melech is most commonly scene as part of the blessing formula but can be found elswhere as well. 

Deep Meaning: When we imagine God as ruler we are seeking to humble ourselves.  Everyday we expend enormous amounts of energy to be masters of our own destiny.  This name for God is a reminder that that endeavor is only one part of the equation.  there is always something greater, beyond our reach, and often beyond our comprehension. 


Sat, September 25 2021 19 Tishrei 5782