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Is my contribution to the Campaign tax deductible?
100% of every contribution to the Campaign is tax deductible. The timing of the tax deductions can depend on how your contribution is structured. Please consult your tax professional to confirm the appropriate timing of your deduction(s).
How do I know how much to give?
There are many ways to support the Campaign.  You may need to reflect upon the role the Woodbury Jewish Center plays in your life, your children’s lives, and in the life of the community to determine the appropriate level of your contribution. Any member of the Campaign’s leadership team will be happy to meet and talk with you to respond to questions. Special dedication/naming opportunities have been identified for the Campaign and there are also appropriate honor categories that can help guide you.
How long do I have to pay for my pledge to the Campaign?
Campaign gifts may be paid over as many as five years, and for those 65 years old and older we welcome legacy gifts.
Do I have to give the same amount of money each year?
The terms of how your gift is paid are completely up to you.  You are able to schedule payments throughout the five-year pledge period as you see fit and as these payments fit into your personal budget.
How can I contribute to the Campaign?
You can support the Shelanu Campaign in many ways.  An immediate cash contribution can be made or a cash contribution can be structured over as many as five years.  Donating assets other than cash, like appreciated securities, is also an option.  Additionally, there is always the option of making a legacy gift.  Finally, a contribution can be structured using both a planned gift and a current cash contribution.
Can we give a family gift?
Yes. We encourage family members to combine their gifts with that of other family members to create a more substantial gift.
How will my gift be recognized?
Woodbury Jewish Center has created honor categories to pay tribute to those who support the Campaign with specific dedications. Please consult the honor category list in the campaign brochure for further details.
What is an endowment?
An endowment is a permanent fund established by Woodbury Jewish Center to be used for specific purposes.  Most endowments, including those at WJC, are invested in a manner that keeps the principal amount intact and generates income that can be used by the congregation to support operations, as well as to fund specific innovative programs or services.  Best practice dictates that a congregation of our size and diverse programming requires a minimum endowment of five times our annual budget.
What is a planned gift?
A planned gift is an agreement to make a gift at some point in the future, usually in your will or other bequest.  Many planned gifts are structured as irrevocable bequests. Other planned gifts are structured to take effect during the life of the contributor after some specific event or time period.
How can I get answers to my questions about the Shelanu Campaign? Is there someone I can talk to?
There are several ways to get your questions answered. Not only will there be campaign updates across various communication channels throughout the life of the campaign but you will also be able to reach out to any one of the dedicated and passionate members of our Campaign’s leadership team. You can start with our Campaign Chair, Cindy Matte.
How do I get involved?
We welcome all who would like to be involved in the Campaign effort! Please contact our Campaign Chair, Cindy Matte, at 

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